Three Things To Consider When Deciding On A New Material To Replace Your Old Roof

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The roof on your home can last a long time, but at some point, you will be faced with the issue of replacing it. When this happens, you may want to take the time to decide on whether you want to change the material of the roof. The following are a few considerations when deciding on the material for your new roof.

The cost of the material

There are several materials used for residential roofs. The most common are asphalt, clay, and wood shingles, along with metal roofs. Asphalt shingles are the most popular in the country and are the lowest in cost. Clay tiles, such as Spanish tiles, are the most expensive. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly more popular, and the price is coming down. Wood shingles, such as cedar material, are expensive, but cheaper than clay tiles. Cost will need to be measured against your tastes because some of the more expensive tiles are seen as more aesthetically pleasing by many people.

The material's resistance to wind damage

Newly installed roofs will come with a wind warranty because wind is the greatest enemy of roofs. If you live in an area that has storms every year, then you will need to take a look at the warranty. These warranties will reflect the nature of the material. Asphalt shingles are cheap but are also most susceptible to wind damage. Metal roofs can sustain the greatest wind speeds without damage, so they usually have the best warranties. Clay tiles are just behind metal because of their weight, and cedar shingles are still better than asphalt.

The material's life expectancy and maintenance cost

Some roof materials need to be maintained more than others while some materials will last longer before they need to be replaced. Metal roofs will last the longest, and they don't need much maintenance. The same is true with clay tiles. Asphalt roofs have the shortest life span but still can last for decades. Maintenance is usually low, but you may have more repair costs in areas with annual storms that produce wind and hail. Cedar tiles will outlast asphalt but won't last as long as clay and metal. However, you will find that cedar tiles need more attention over time. They do not age well and will make your house appear older than it is, but this can be avoided with proper maintenance.

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17 February 2021

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