Material Handling Equipment That Will Save Time

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Valuable time can be wasted from the moment products are received from a vendor. Packages need to be opened, products need to be counted, and inventory needs to be updated, prior to putting merchandise away. Some new material handling equipment and an updated manner in which products are stored can improve efficiency and make it possible for receiving staff to complete their duties in a streamlined fashion.

New Storage Racks

Products that sell frequently or that are often purchased with another component should be placed near the area that your shipping crew packages items that are being sent out. If items are currently alphabetized or if the weight or size of an item contributes to where merchandise is stored, outdated storage racks and classification methods may be hindering the performance of your employees.

Purchase some large racking systems that contain ample space for both large and small items. Invest in some additional racks that contain wheels and that can be designated for the items that sell most frequently. Line up the straight racks that contain stable bases first.

These racks can be used to continue to house items that are going to be classified alphabetically, but because each rack is uniform in size and will supply the same amount of storage space, larger or heavier products will not need to be stored in a separate area that is supportive of irregular product sizes. 

Load popular products that sell regularly onto the rolling racks. These racks will benefit in two ways. First, as the merchandise is brought into the warehouse, a rolling storage rack can be pushed over to the receiving dock. This will allow employees to quickly scan and place items in their appropriate storage areas.

Secondly, if a lot of orders come through that will require the shipment of popular items, a rolling rack can be pushed over to the area where products are packed. This will allow your workers to quickly pick items on each ticket, without needing to walk to the back of the warehouse to collect goods. 

Mobile Carts

If your employees need to walk away from their workstations to acquire barcodes or printing labels, investing in mobile carts will place everything they need within reach. Mobile carts can be used to store a computer, a printer, a label machine, and any other items that are needed to finalize an order. Mobile carts can also be used during the receiving process and each worker can use one to scan in merchandise and ensure that it has been added to your facility's inventory.

For more tips, contact a storage rack and material handling equipment supplier in your area.


15 December 2020

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I live in the middle of the desert, so I never thought that flooding would be a problem. However, a few months ago my town was hit with a huge storm. These freak storms are called "Hundred Year Storm" because the chances of them happening are once in a hundred years. Needless to say, no one was prepared for the aftermath--especially not the city sewage system. All this extra water had no where to go, and suddenly, I found my basement flooded. It wasn't a fun experience, but we dealt with it the best we could. Since then, I have spent a lot of time looking into different options for sewage, water lines, and other related things. We're now even looking into building a new house. This blog is the result of my ongoing research.