The Pros And Cons Of Using A Metal Roof On A Residence

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Metal roofs provide a lot of visual appeal to a house, and they're also very durable. People often think of a metal roof installation as a primarily commercial solution. However, residential metal roofing is popular, too. If you're considering using this approach to residential roofing, it's worth thinking about the following pros and cons.

Pro: Many Options

The world is littered with houses that have black asphalt roofs. While there's nothing wrong with that, it's far from the most visually exciting thing. A residential metal roof installation can make use of any color you can imagine. Suppliers are able to provide materials in numerous base colors, and there are also roofs with paints. In other words, the available color palette is only limited by your imagination.

Con: Environmental Damage to the Metal

Depending on what the air is like where your house is, the environment can damage the roof. Metal roofing is not always ideal in regions where heavy corrosion occurs. Factors driving such corrosion include pollution and evaporation from nearby bodies of saltwater.

Pro: Impact Resistance

Metal roofs are highly impact-resistant. Especially in regions of the country where debris from hurricanes or tornadoes may strike houses, the appeal of the metal as a roofing material is self-evident. You might also consider it if there are large trees in the vicinity of your home. The only downside is that the metal will dent if there is a sufficiently strong impact.

Con: Noise










Wind and rain will pound on any metal roof. Consequently, you'll want to have the residential metal roofing company install sheeting that will reduce the noise.

Pro: Eco-Friendliness

Asphalt for shingles comes primarily from oil drilling operations. In addition to the environmental cost of extraction, the asphalt can also become a contaminant when it is dumped in landfills. This is another instance where the durability of metal pays dividends. When buildings have metal roofs, owners have to replace them much less often. Also, the metal is recyclable.

Mixed: Upfront Cost Versus Long-Term Cost

There is a balancing act to consider with a metal roof installation project. On the one hand, the upfront costs for metal roofs tend to be significantly higher than with shingles. On the other hand, the relative durability of metal roofing means you may save money in the long run. Asphalt products may last as little as 12 years, but metal roofs will provide up to 70 years of use in ideal conditions.

For more information about metal roof installation on your home, contact a local roofing company.


27 October 2020

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