Considering A Home Addition? 2 Mistakes To Avoid

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Whether you want a new home office, bathroom, guest room, or family living space, consider a home addition. Not only does it create extra space for various needs, but the addition can also add value to your home, making it a great investment. Of course, without proper understanding and planning, the addition can be a costly eyesore. Fortunately, help is available if you are considering an addition. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Not Planning Enough

Many homeowners decide that they need an extra room/space and then immediately get started on the construction. Unfortunately, this can lead to improper flow and function of your space. To reduce the risk of making a costly mistake that affects the appeal and value of your home, be sure to spend a good amount of time planning the room addition.

For example, decide what the purpose of the addition will be to get started. If you are creating a guest room or office, take the flow of your home into consideration. You most likely would not want your new office to be near a busy family room or child's bedroom/playroom because of potential noise.

If you are adding an extra space for family and friends, such as a multi-season room or sunroom, the location of this new space should be easily accessible to the kitchen and family room.

Not Budgeting Enough

Another common mistake many homeowners make when considering an addition is not budgeting enough for the entire project. You may have a number in mind, which would cover the cost of framing and adding sheetrock, but there are other factors to consider when pricing the cost of an addition.

Remember that your new room will require electricity and heating/cooling, for instance. Also, flooring, painting, and even trim work should all be included in your budget, as well.

Finally, pulling permits is also a cost most people forget when budgeting for a home addition. These permits are essential for ensuring the addition is conducted in a legal manner, so it can benefit your home's appeal and value if and when you decide to sell the home. Of course, permits pulled by licensed contractors will also ensure the addition is built effectively, meaning all building codes and regulations are met and followed.

From increased space for you and your family to added appeal and home value, a home addition can be a worthwhile investment. With this guide, you will learn how to avoid two of the most common mistakes made during an addition. For more ideas for your addition, check out companies like Genuine Home Builders Inc.


15 June 2019

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