3 Reasons To Buy A Combi Heater For Your Home

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Generally, people think of their water heaters and their heating systems as being two separate systems. With a combi heater, though, you can enjoy one piece of equipment that does both. As a combination of a boiler and a water heater, a combi heater is beneficial for many households. Consider buying a combi heater for these reasons.

1. You're Looking to Save Money

If you need to buy both a water heater and a heater system for your home, such as if your home is a new construction or if both the water heater and the heating system in your current home have both worn out, then you might be worried about how much you're going to have to spend. Buying just one can be expensive, but having to buy two can really break your budget.

Buying a combi heater that will do both will probably cost less than having to buy both a heating system and a water heater for your home. Plus, not only can you save on the price of buying a water heater and a home heating system, but you can also save on operating costs. This is because a combi heater will only heat up water when you need it, like a standalone tankless water heater would, saving on the energy costs that go along with maintaining a heated tank of water at all times.

2. You Don't Have Much Space

If you're short on space in your home, such as if you have a tiny house or a smaller home, then you might be concerned about the space that will be taken up by a traditional water heater and a heating system. A combi heater is a smaller unit that is actually perfect for smaller spaces.

3. You'd Like to Make Servicing Easier

Of course, the installation and purchase of a water heater and a heating system aren't all that you have to worry about. Once your systems or combined system are put in place, you have to worry about maintenance. Combi heaters allow you to combine the maintenance for the two into just one system, instantly simplifying things. Also, since a combi heater doesn't have a water tank for maintaining heated water, there is one less thing that you have to worry about cleaning.

A combi heater is ideal for many homes and might be right for yours, too, so it's an option to consider if you're in need of a water heater and a boiler for heating your home. To learn more, talk to companies like Boiler Services, Inc.


2 October 2018

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