Car Window Tips And Advice To Be Sure You Follow

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It's important for you to learn the tips and tricks that will help you to keep your car's glass looking nice and clean, without causing damage to it. Here are some of the things that you want to be sure to keep in mind when it comes to your car's glass:

You should avoid cleaners that have ammonia in them

While most of the cleaners you will find on the market have ammonia, you should think twice about using them. Cleaners that have ammonia in them release fumes that people shouldn't be inhaling, which creates an unsafe driving environment for you. Also, ammonia is known to dry out materials like plastic, rubber, and vinyl, which means that it is going to be bad for many of the other areas of your car. One more thing to know about ammonia cleaners is that they aren't even supposed to be used on tinted windows, and most cars these days do tend to have some level of tinting on them.

Liquid dish soap can be great on windows

A great way for you to clean the windows in your car is to take some liquid dish soap and put it in some warm water. Then, use a clean rag to get the windows nice and clean. The liquid dish soap will do a great job of cutting grease that is on the windows and getting rid of the dust and dirt that comes from driving your car everywhere.

Other tips for cleaning your car's glass

You also want to be sure you clean the car's windows while you have the car parked in the shade. Otherwise, you are going to find that the windows are drying too quickly, which can lead to issues with spots and streaks. You are also going to want to make sure that you are cleaning all of the areas around the windows and that you are taking proper care of the windshield wipers. If you ignore the wipers, they can become extremely dry, and you will find that you have to replace them much more often than you should normally have to replace them. You can take care of the wipers by picking them up a few inches and wiping them with the soapy water, then rinsing them off.

Repair broken windows

If you have any cracks or holes in your windows that you see while cleaning them, then you are going to want to have those repaired right away to avoid having bigger damage happen to them. Small cracks and holes can spread and lead to some major issues. Talk to your local auto glass repair service for more information about repairs.


23 August 2018

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