3 Tips For Preventing A Sewer Backup When You Have A Baby

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If you have a baby in the house, the last thing that you probably want to have to worry about is a sewer backup. After all, with your little one at such a young age, you might be really limited on time, meaning that you might not have the time to deal with this type of issue. Plus, you might be more concerned about maintaining a clean and sanitary home than ever. These are a few tips that can help you prevent this emergency situation.

1. Avoid Flushing the Wrong Baby Items Down the Toilet

For one thing, it's important to be careful about flushing the wrong baby items down the toilet. Of course, tossing disposable diapers -- even if you have a newborn that is wearing tiny diapers -- in the toilet is a big no-no. You might not realize that tossing baby wipes in the toilet isn't a good idea either, even if they are marketed as being flushable. Because they're much thicker than toilet paper, they can take a lot longer to break down. Plus, if you've got a baby in the house, you're probably using a lot of baby wipes each day. Tossing them in the trash can instead can help you prevent issues with your plumbing.

2. Spread Out Your Laundry Loads

You might be washing more loads of laundry ever now that you have a baby in the house, between changing your own clothing more often and adding the clothing of a new family member. Plus, you might be short on time and might find yourself putting laundry off until the weekend or another time when you have a little more spare time. By spreading laundry out throughout the week, however, you can help ensure that your family isn't overloading your sewage system.

3. Ensure Your Little One Doesn't Drop Anything in the Toilet

Even though it might be hard to imagine your baby being able to walk if he or she is still really small, it's important to think ahead to when your baby is going to be walking. When your baby starts walking, make sure that you childproof your toilets. After all, some little ones see the toilet as a toy and might be tempted to toss items in that don't belong. This can obviously cause serious problems with your plumbing and sewer system. Babyproofing your toilet now is a good idea for safety reasons and to help prevent problems.

As you can see, there are a few tips that you should follow if you would like to prevent a sewer backup when you have a baby. If you follow these tips, then you can help avoid this disgusting problem and can instead focus your time on your little one.

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2 July 2018

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