How To Create Asphalt Shapes For Unusual Garden Purposes

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Asphalt paving is an everyday occurrence. Pave your driveway, pave the road, pave the parking lot, pave a flat roof; all of these involve a paving contractor and a lot of asphalt. What if you could do more with asphalt? Actually, you can, but you are going to need some help from your asphalt contractor. Creating hardened shapes from asphalt for garden purposes is highly unusual, but still completely doable. Here is how that works.

You Need a Mold

Asphalt, like concrete, needs a mold into which it will settle and harden. You can create and construct your own molds, or you can take common, everyday items and use them as molds. For the sake of argument here, let's say you want to create an asphalt tub for the purpose of an elevated water garden. 

To create this tub, you can take a die-cast metal tub or a porcelain one. Do not use fiberglass or plastic, as the hot asphalt will melt these substances. Set this tub outside on a flat, even surface. You will also need an insert that will create the inner bowl of your asphalt tub. Your contractor will fill the porcelain or die-cast tub about half-way with the asphalt. Work quickly to move the hot asphalt into position up the sides of the tub. Now you have the basic mold and shape of the asphalt tub.

Use a Metal or Porcelain Insert

Next, take the metal or porcelain insert and push it hard into the inner bowl of the asphalt. If necessary, tamp this insert in with a rubber mallet for the porcelain insert or a hydraulic hammer for the metal insert. Be sure to grease the bottom of the insert so that it will release your asphalt tub once the asphalt has sufficiently hardened.

Wait Thirty Minutes

The asphalt needs to set before you can remove the insert and then pull the asphalt tub from the tub mold. In the meantime, figure out where this blacker-than-black tub will go. Make sure your asphalt contractor has a means of lifting your creation up and into the area previously designated for it. When the time is up, pry the insert out (you will need help!). Now you will need more help to lift the molded asphalt out and set it on the ground. Once the molded asphalt is on the ground, you can take whatever measures necessary to move it to the part of the garden where you want it to go.

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7 April 2018

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