Three Tips For Caring For Your Trees

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Tree care is an important aspect in maintaining the beauty of your property's landscaping. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to properly care for the trees on their property, and this can result in a number of health problems for these large plants. In order to make you a prepared and well-informed homeowner, you should consider following these basic tips when it comes to caring for your trees.

Know The Importance Of Quickly Treating Diseased And Damaged Branches

Over the time that you own your property, it is likely that your trees will suffer some damages or develop diseases. Sadly, it can be a routine mistake for a homeowner to make the critical mistake of assuming that the tree will be able to recover on its own. Yet, there are many diseases that can rapidly spread throughout a tree if it is not treated fairly quickly. Often, when a tree develops disease, the best option for preventing it from spreading will be to cut off the branches that are infected. After the branches have been cut, the tree service professional will apply a sealant to help protect the cut until the tree is able to recover.

Appreciate The Role Of Staking Young Trees

After you plant new trees on your property, you should consider staking the young trees as they grow. This is necessary as the trunk of the tree may be too weak to support the weight of the tree. Without staking, the tree may tilt over or even snap, and this can be especially true for those that live in areas that are prone to experiencing strong storms. In addition to the trunk being at risk of failing, strong winds can also cause the roots to fail, which could contribute to the tree falling over. Luckily, staking can also mitigate this as it will help to keep the tree stable as the roots develop. The exact amount of time needed for the tree to be staked can vary depending on how quickly the tree develops.

Understand The Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilizers

It can be common for homeowners to overlook the importance of fertilizing trees. However, if the soil around your tree is nutrient deficient, it may start to show signs of nutrient problems, such as slow growth, leaf discoloration, or malformation. Fortunately, it is possible to address these issues through deep root fertilizers. These fertilizers are placed deep into the ground. This method of application is necessary for trees because the roots will start to grow towards the surface to reach the nutrients, and this can destabilize the tree.

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14 November 2016

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