The Keys To Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance

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Ductless heat pumps can only provide you with the high level of thermal quality you come to expect when you properly maintain them. The maintenance that is expected for any ductless heat pump consists of both professional help and some do-it-yourself tips that you can take on. If you are hoping to get the best overall performance and longevity from your ductless heat pump, take action by following these maintenance tips below.

#1: Change Your Ductless Heat Pump Filters

One of the first orders of business in terms of heat pump maintenance is to change out your filters. In order to keep getting great performance out of your heat pump, make sure that you change these filters out about one time every month. This is one of the core pieces of maintenance for a heat pump, and quality heat pump maintenance will give you between 10% and 25% better energy use than one that is neglected. Be sure that you buy filters that are useful and recommended in terms of size and quality.

#2: Inspect Electrical Components And Possible Leaks

 It is very important that you routinely look into the electrical connections to be sure that your system is not overheating. Any loose, melting or faulty electrical wires or other components should be checked and changed right away by a professional. You should also periodically check out your refrigerant lines to be sure that they are not experiencing any kinds of leaks. Even if there are no leaks, you should also tighten these connections so that leaks can be prevented in the future.

#3: Clean The Exterior Area

 Don't just focus on the interior unit, focus also on the exterior ductless heat pump system. This means year-round maintenance, making sure that you clear out snow in the winter time, mow grass in the summer time, rake leaves in the fall and generally keep the entire area free from any junk or debris. If the exterior unit's motor or fan gets blocked for any reason, the system will work too hard and might break down on you.

#4: Request A Service Call

If you really want the best hands-on maintenance from your system, you should call in a heat pump professional. Routine service calls might cost you between $170 and $190, depending on the company that you hire. This will be worth every penny and can help you get more life out of the system. 

Use these tips so that you make the most out of your heat pump. Contact a business, such as Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc., for more information. 


6 August 2016

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