Apply An Etched Design To A Shower Enclosure's Glass Exterior To Increase Privacy And Add Beauty


If you have grown tired of the lack of privacy that your bathroom's glass shower enclosure provides you with, apply a design across portions of its surface with etching cream and some basic supplies. Once you have finished the project, you'll have the satisfaction of a job well done.


  • glass cleaner
  • soft cloths
  • masking tape
  • rubber gloves 
  • etching cream
  • disposable bowl
  • newspaper
  • wooden mixing stick
  • self-adhesive stencils
  • measuring tape
  • paintbrushes (various sizes)
  • sponge
  • bucket of warm water
  • towel

​Clean The Glass And Prepare The Cream

Close the door to the shower enclosure. Clean the exterior glass with a lint-free cloth that has a few squirts of glass cleaner added to it. Cover hardware or trim or other portions of the enclosure that you do not want exposed to etching cream with masking tape. Put a pair of rubber gloves on your hands and pour a bottle of etching cream into a disposable bowl that is set on top of a newspaper-covered surface. Mix the cream until it is an even consistency.

Secure Stencils To The Glass Exterior And Add Etching Cream

Peel the adhesive backing from each stencil that you would like to add to the glass. Use a measuring tape to help you keep the stencils lined up straight and spaced evenly apart. Cover a paintbrush with an even coat of etching cream and fill in the cut out areas on each stencil with it. Use a thin paintbrush to cover any small details in each stencil with the cream. Wait a few minutes for the etching cream to transform the appearance of the glass surface into one that is opaque.

Remove The Cream And Dry The Glass Surface

Dip a sponge into a bucket of warm water and wipe off the cream from the shower enclosure's surface. Rinse the sponge out with fresh water once it becomes covered with cream. Once all of the cream has been eliminated, dry the glass surface with a towel. Remove the masking tape and stencils. Dispose of leftover cream and any materials that have cream on them.

The glass enclosure will have an attractive design on its surface that will improve the appearance of your bathroom and provide you with the privacy that you crave. In the future, clean the doors exterior, as needed, with a soft cloth and a small amount of mild detergent that has been mixed with water.

As a alternative, consider investing in custom shower enclosures for any bathroom that needs a new look.


6 August 2016

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