What To Expect From A Sewer Cleaning

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If you have sewer lines that are backing up, you likely need some serious help to determine what the problem is. It could be a clog, roots that have broken into your pipes, pipes that have collapsed and filled with sediment, etc. In any case, you need to trust the repairs to a trained professional. If you have scheduled a sewer cleaning, here is what you should expect.

Scoping the Pipe

A trained plumber is no better than a homeowner in determining what is wrong with pipes simply by looking at a sink or toilet. Thus, you should expect your plumber to use a scope, which is a device that consists of a small camera, a flexible cable, and a viewing screen. Ask to be with the plumber and watch the screen as they diagnose the problem with your pipes. You can then see what the plumber sees, which means that you can participate with the plumber in deciding what should be done about the problem. Being part of the decision-making process will help to bring peace of mind. 

To Snake or Jet

If you are dealing with a clogged pipe, there are a couple of ways to restore water flow. Plumbers could use a snake, which is a device with a barbs at one end for snagging and shredding clogs and a handle or operating mechanism at the other end which is used to turn the barbs and to extend the snake down the drain. The other option is to use a high-powered jet of water to blast away at and remove clogs. Both options are effective, but snaking is less expensive than jetting. Thus, if you want to make sure clogs are cleared without blowing your budget, ask to have your pipes snaked. 

Redoing Pipes or Using Liners

If your pipes have stopped working due to a cracking or collapse, you could have a plumber use a liner to make the pipes water tight again, or have them tear out the old pipes and replace them. While a liner can make your pipes water-tight again, it will not deal with whatever issue caused your pipes to crack and/or collapse in the first place. Thus, while you have to worry about tearing up your landscaping or house when pipes are replaced, you can more effectively prevent future problems by redoing pipes. 

Understanding the issues surrounding sewer cleaning will help you to be an effective member of the decision-making team. Just remember that while saving money initially is an important concern, make sure that whatever choices you make will also shelter you from future costs. Contact a business, such as Walters Environmental Services, for more information.   


20 June 2016

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