How Expensive is It to Replace Garage Door Springs?

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Broken garage door springs are inevitable. After the garage door ascends and descends enough times, the springs will wear out and will eventually break. This will lead to a garage door that simply will not open. You could try to repair the springs yourself, but the process is very dangerous, given the weight of a garage door, and is better left to professionals. But when trying to consider whether you should have your garage door springs repaired, an important factor to consider is how much this decision costs.

How Long Garage Door Springs Last

Garage door springs will typically last for 10,000 cycles. A cycle consists of the garage door rising and lowering. Depending on how frequently you use your door, such as if you have a family who is frequently coming and going, you may need to have your springs replaced in as little as a year unless you have your springs replaced with extended life springs. While more expensive, their lifespan makes them less expensive overall.

Identifying That You Need a New Spring

To determine if you need a new spring, open your garage door manually. If the spring is working properly, the garage door should remain in place. However, if the spring is not working properly, the garage door should shut immediately after you let go.

How Much It Will Cost

Typically, you will have to pay for an hour's worth of labor, even if the project takes less than an hour to complete. Garage door spring repairs can cost more than the replacement of a garage door due to the danger associated with replacing the springs, though this depends on the company and the type of door repaired. On the low end, a replacement can cost $350, while on the high end, a replacement can cost $2,000.

Some Garage Doors are More Expensive to Service

Some garage doors are more expensive to repair than others due to the complexity of repairing the door. Custom roll-up doors and custom wood doors are the most expensive to repair. Single roll-up doors and single tile-up doors are less expensive to repair. In general, the more expensive the garage door model, the more expensive it will be to repair springs.

Business Garage Doors Vs. Home Garage Doors

The cost of having your garage door serviced will depend on whether the garage is part of a home or business. Commercial garage doors can be more expensive to repair, thanks to the difficulty of accessing the garage. However, regardless of the cost, you should have the garage door spring repaired as quickly as possible.

For more information about garage door spring repairs, visit this page.


8 April 2016

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