3 Custom Features To Integrate Into The Design Of A Truss Roof System

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Whether you are building a home or doing an addition to your home, truss roof systems can be an affordable and efficient way to complete the design of your roof. Wooden trusses can be a great way to cut the costs of building a roof, as well as give you many options for custom features with little extra cost. The custom features that you may want to have in your home can include things like ceilings, exposed timbers and exterior features. Here are some of the things that can be done with the roof truss design for your home:

1. Adding Custom Ceilings Into The Design Of Your Trusses

Today, wooden trusses are designed with computer programs, which makes it easier to create custom ceilings in the design of the truss-work. This can include things like coffered boxes and tray ceilings with angled corners. Simple features can be added, and then finished with more detail by the carpenter that installs them. You may want to consider talking with the truss company about leaving box spaces for features like arches, curves and dome ceilings that can be finished with special ceiling kits. You can ask the truss service if they can make some of the ceiling elements for you when they are doing the trusses.

2. Give Your Home Exposed Timbers With Integrated Finish Timber In Trusses

Another great feature that you may want to consider doing with your trusses is exposed timbers. This can be done by adding timber features to the bottom cords of trusses. The main structure of the trusses will be constructed of stock lumber, such as pine, while the exposed timber elements can be a material of your choice. This can be done with woods like cedar, oak or cypress. Heavier materials like cypress may need to have extra support for the extra weight that the trusses will carry.

3. Add Decorative Exterior Features With Custom Truss Work Outside Your Home

In addition to the features inside your home, there are also custom elements that you may want to add to the exterior. Some of the features that you may want to consider adding can include things like exposed rafter tails, which can add to the timber look that you may have inside your home. This can be done by making the ends of the trusses with finished timber materials. You may also want to consider using custom timber trusses for the design of the exterior, which can be done with materials like cypress. This can be a great accent for gables and covered porches with exposed timber designs.

These are some of the things that can be done with the roof trusses of your home. If you are ready to design the roof of your home, contact a company like Truss Components of Washington and talk with them about some of these custom features to include in the design of your truss system.


19 February 2016

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