3 Tips For Preventing Chaos During Your Home Remodeling Project

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Although you might be looking forward to making improvements to your home, one thing that you might not be looking forward to is dealing with the ensuing chaos. It's always chaotic when you're tearing your home apart, but following a few tips should help you keep things under control.

1. Create a Plan

Although it might be tempting to grab a gallon of paint while you're at the home improvement store or to start ripping up your flooring on a lazy Sunday—hey, you have to start somewhere, right?—it's better not to get started until you have a plan. Write down a to-do list, and make a plan for how you are going to get each thing done. This will help you avoid starting projects and never finishing them—which is a sure-fire way to really have your home in a mess for months to come—and will help you get things done in the most orderly fashion possible. This will also help you plan for how you'll handle things while your home is being remodeled, such as by investing in a slow cooker so that you can prepare meals when your kitchen is being remodeled or so that you can make plans with your neighbors to shower at their house while your bathroom is being redone.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Hire a Professional

After watching your favorite home improvement shows and checking out all of the fun home improvement blogs that are online, it might seem like a good idea to jump in with both feet. However, if you don't know what you are doing, you might find yourself making more of a mess than anything. Plus, you might find that you're tired from work and "life" in general, which means that you might not get things done as quickly as you had originally planned. Both of these things can result in your home being a chaotic mes and can prevent your project from being done like you want it to be. Hiring a pro instead can help you get things done the right way and in a reasonable time frame. You also won't have to worry about feeling frazzled, tired and overwhelmed the entire time.

3. Keep it Neat and Clean

The idea of keeping your home neat and clean during your remodeling project might seem like a joke, but doing everything that you can to keep the mess down will help you feel a lot more sane. Try renting a dumpster and cleaning up each day after the work is done, for example. Not only will you feel better, but it'll also help you maintain a safer environment for yourself and your family.

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22 December 2015

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