Two Things You Can Do To Keep Your Hot Tub In Good Condition

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Few things are as relaxing as taking a dip in a warm, bubbly hot tub.  You can experience relief from stress, muscle pain and even find relief for ailments such as osteoporosis.  Since you can derive so many health benefits from being in the hot tub, it's important to keep it in the best condition possible.  Use this information to learn more about two things you can do to keep your hot tub in good shape for as long as possible.

Keep The Cover Clean

Although you may not know it, the cover that you place over your hot tub plays an important role in the lifespan of the tub itself.  That's why you should always keep the cover clean and free of debris so that it can do its job in keeping the tub in working order.

It's so important to clean the cover of your hot tub because it is the place where mold, mildew and bacteria can easily build up.  Failing to clean the underside of the hot tub cover means that these agents could enter your tub and not only build up on the walls and floor, but render the tub unsafe to use for sanitary reasons.

Cleaning the hot tub cover doesn't have to take a lot of time or materials.  All you'll need is a damp cloth or sponge, a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and an oil-free protectant.  Avoid using things like alcohol, bleach or detergent on your cover because they are stripping agents that could cause premature cracking or tears.

In addition, if you experience heavy rainfall in your area and a pool of water forms on your hot tub cover, remove the cover and shake it free of water as soon as possible in order to prevent it from becoming damaged from the weight.

Don't Use Pool Chemicals In Your Hot Tub

While it may seem that hot tubs are simply condensed versions of your average pool, this is simply not true.  The tri-color tablets that you use in your swimming pool are designed for a much larger body of water than the relatively small amount of liquid in your hot tub.  Placing one of these tablets in your hot tub could not only mess up the PH balance of the water, but the acid could also begin to deteriorate the walls and floor of your tub.

Always stick to using hot tub chemicals with the proper amounts of alkaline in order to preserve your tub.

Keeping your hot tub in good condition doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  Start using these tips right away so you can enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning hot tub. To find out more, speak with someone like Kaupas Water.


16 December 2015

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