Four Sneaky Indoor Signs Of Home Foundation Problems

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You may think that if a home has foundation issues, they would be easily recognized. In some cases, a foundation that is becoming weak is even visible from the outside of the house.  However, signs that a foundation is failing may not always be so apparent. As a homeowner, it is important that you get to know the signs that something is wrong with the foundation in the beginning stages of the problem. There are four sneaky ways that a bad foundation may show itself inside of the house that you should get to know.

Doors That Will Not Close

As the foundation starts to settle because of age or damage, one of the first problems you will start to notice will be with the doors in the home. When a home is constructed and the doors are put in place, they must be perfectly squared and leveled to close properly. If the door jamb changes, the door will no longer latch as it should. You may even notice that the top of the door drags against the frame or the flooring at the base.

Tile Flooring That Starts to Crack

The mortar that is used to keep tiles in place is about the same as concrete in consistency. If you suddenly start to see cracks between the tiles in the mortar or if certain tiles start oddly sinking or pushing above the floor's surface, this could be a sign that the concrete foundation is changing, which is never a good thing.

Hairline Cracks Show Up In Specific Areas

One of the more noticeable signs of foundation damage inside of the house will be in the form of hairline cracks. These cracks will show up in specific areas of structural weakness, such as over door frames or in the corners of the ceiling.

Windows Suddenly Seem Difficult to Move

If your windows have always functioned normally, raising and closing without a lot of effort, there should be no reason for them to suddenly start to jam when they are closed or opened. This is a sign that the window frame is no longer leveled, which could be directly relative to the foundation of the house.

Foundation problems can be a huge ordeal, costing not just a lot of money, but the structural soundness and safety of your home. If you suspect that your home has a foundation problem, contact a foundation repair company like Prolift of Mississippi


16 November 2015

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