Three Ways To Dry Your Freshly Washed Carpet Faster On A Humid Day

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If life were perfect, you could wait until a dry day to shampoo your carpet, so it would dry more quickly and you didn't have to worry about mold. Unfortunately, life is not perfect, and there are bound to be times when, even though it is muggy outside, you need to shampoo your carpet promptly. When you find yourself in this situation, the following three tips will help encourage your carpet to dry more quickly, even though the surrounding air is moist.

Go over the carpet a second (and third) time with the shampooer on suction mode.

Most carpet shampooers have at least two modes. One mode should dispense shampoo and also suck up water, and another mode should only provide the suction function. After you have thoroughly shampooed your carpet (which is generally done in the dispense plus suction mode), go over it again on suction-only mode to suck up even more water. Then, go over it a third time. Keep going over your carpet repeatedly until your shampooer is no longer pulling up any additional liquid. This way, you leave behind as little water as possible to evaporate.

Blot with towels.

After you have gone over the carpet several times, you'll want to soak up just a bit more water with towels. Use clean bath towels for this purpose; the larger your room, the more you'll need. Start at one end of the room, and lay out a towel. Walk over it to press it into the carpet. Some water should soak up. Pick up the towel, and move it to a new section of carpet, walking over it again. Repeat until you have blotted the entire carpet, replacing the towel every so often when the one you're using gets too wet.

Set up a two-fan system.

In order to encourage the rest of the water to evaporate quickly, you'll need to get some air flowing into the room. The easiest way to do this is with two fans. Put one fan against one side of the room; set it up so that it is blowing air towards the center of the room. If there is a window on this wall, put the fan in this window. Otherwise, just set it up close to the wall. On the opposite wall (which should have a window), set up a second fan. This fan should be positioned so that it blows air out of the house through the window. This way, one fan is circulating dryer air into the home, and the second fan is exhausting that air back out once it has picked up some moisture from the carpet.

Shampooing a carpet on a humid day is not ideal, but with the tips above, you should be able to encourage it to dry before it molds. For assistance cleaning your carpet, talk to a professional like M.S. Service Inc.


29 October 2015

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