Three Solutions To Give Homes With Radiant Heating The Cooling They Need


If you heat your home with radiant heating, you may not have the infrastructure to have an AC installed with central ductwork. Remodeling your home and installing a ducted cooling system can cost thousands of dollars, which is why you may be exploring other options. You can use AC systems like ductless air conditioners, evaporative coolers, high velocity AC and aspiration cooling. If you need an alternative to conventional AC, here are some of the options available:

1. Ductless Air Conditioning With Radiant Heating

If you want to have more conventional AC without the ductwork, ductless AC can be a great solution. These systems work with a heat pump and interior units. They do not cost as much to be installed and are perfect for cooling open space. The ductless systems can also be installed in split systems, which can allow cooling for larger spaces. Split systems can also be used to create zoned AC systems.  

2. Evaporative Coolers For An Affordable Solution In Dry Climates

Another solution that is affordable is evaporative coolers. These systems work best in dry climates and can provide your home with the cooling it needs. They are not ideal for homes in wet or humid climates. These systems can have ductwork installed in the attic of your home or they can be a single unit that blows the cool air in a central location of your home. These systems use the process of evaporation to provide cooling for your home and can cost a lot less to operate than conventional AC systems.

3. High-Velocity Air Conditioning For A Compact Solution

High-velocity air conditioning systems use smaller ducts to distribute air faster through your home. The systems are more efficient and can easily be installed in homes with radiant heating. The ducts require less labor to install. The systems also have the benefit of less ambient noise, which will give you an air conditioner that is less noisy. These systems will cost nearly as much as conventional central air conditioning. This is a good solution for homes in warm humid climates and will effectively remove humidity to keep your home comfortable and reduce cooling costs.

If you need to have something other than conventional cooling for your home, these are some of the options you may want to consider. If you need help deciding on the best cooling system for your home, contact an air conditioning contractor like C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning and talk with them about some of these cooling solutions.  


25 June 2015

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