3 Reasons To Install A French Drain System

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A french drain system is a great way to protect your home from water damage and potential flooding. This type of drain system typically works by directing ground and rain away from your home and the foundation by installing a perforated pipe covered in gravel along the outside of your home. A french drain setup can help you by eliminating standing water, mold, and expensive repairs.

Standing Water

One of the biggest benefits of a french drain system is that it will allow you to stop standing water from accumulating around your home. Standing water can cause a variety of different problems, such as making the area around your home smell foul and attracting mosquitoes and other insects.

In addition, there is a risk that you or your family could get a disease from those mosquito and insect bites. However, a french drain will prevent a lot of standing water because it will allow the water to be drained away into the soil around your home.


Another major benefit of a french drain is that it will help prevent your home from developing mold. Mold often occurs when water is allowed to accumulate around the foundation of your home, which leads to a moist basement. A moist basement can lead to mold in your walls and near any drains in your basement. 

This can be a huge problem, mostly because mold can very easily and quickly spread throughout your home. The mold can then cause numerous health problems, such as respiratory issues and allergic reactions. In addition, cleaning up the mold can be very expensive, and can even make it very difficult to sell your home for a reasonable price.

Expensive Repairs 

Finally, these types of drain systems can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future. One expensive repair that it can help you avoid is foundation damage.

When moisture gathers around your foundation, it can begin to degrade the foundation. The moisture near your foundation can begin to cause cracks in your foundation when the temperature drops and the moisture freezes. This is a big problem because foundation repairs are among the most expensive home repairs.

In addition, when the moisture gets into your home, it can cause the wood beams and insulation in your walls to rot. This can lead to mold developing, while also affecting the structural integrity of your home. 

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29 April 2015

Construction Needs in Times of Disaster

I live in the middle of the desert, so I never thought that flooding would be a problem. However, a few months ago my town was hit with a huge storm. These freak storms are called "Hundred Year Storm" because the chances of them happening are once in a hundred years. Needless to say, no one was prepared for the aftermath--especially not the city sewage system. All this extra water had no where to go, and suddenly, I found my basement flooded. It wasn't a fun experience, but we dealt with it the best we could. Since then, I have spent a lot of time looking into different options for sewage, water lines, and other related things. We're now even looking into building a new house. This blog is the result of my ongoing research.