Making Repairs To Your Garage Door Rails

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When your garage door rails get bent out of shape, they can prevent your garage door from working like it should. A garage door rail can get bent with nothing more than a bump from a toddler on a tricycle. If this happens, you can easily make repairs on your own. You don't need special tools and training to fix most issues with rails. All you need is the right guidance. This article will tell you more. 

Jammed Rails

Something as small as a bundle of leaves can jam the wheels that run down your garage door rails. To recognize a jammed rail, you need to look for a door that gets stuck partway open. Your motor will sound like it is running normally, but your door won't move. The key to fixing your door is to look for a bunch of leaves, a plastic bag, a toy, or whatever is causing the jam and remove it. 

Bent Rails

There is only a small gap between your garage door wheels and the rails. Thus, if the shape of your rails changes, your wheels can get stuck. Your garage door will behave a lot like it would if it were stuck, except you won't be able to find any sort of jam. Instead, you should be able to see a bend in the rail. To fix the bend, you need to change the shape of your rails with a hammer. 

Striking the rails directly with the hammer will simply cause new dents. Thus, you need to protect your garage door rails by placing a block of wood against the rails. The wood will absorb the direct force of the hammer and spread it out over a greater area. This will prevent unintended damage to the garage door rails. 

When you find a damaged garage door rail, you might feel out of your depth, but if you stay calm and carefully asses the situation, you might find that you can make some repairs on your own. However, not all repairs are easy. If your garage door rails have separated themselves from your wall, you should not try to fix them on your own. Similarly, if you have problems with your garage door motor, you will likely need the help of a trained professional to make repairs. If you make your best effort on your own, and it doesn't work, or you would rather not mess with your garage door, you can always call a professional from a company like Dependable Overhead Doors to make repairs. 


14 April 2015

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