Create A Pool Terrace In Your Sloping Backyard

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Having a pool in your backyard is the dream, right? You can lounge poolside, host parties and get convenient exercise. However, a sloping backyard may seem like a difficult obstacle to surmount. Transform your challenging yard into an entertainment space with a pool terrace.

The Pool

Free-form pools are often very popular for terrace designs because they mimic the natural landscape. Your contractors like those from Nassau Pools Construction Inc may have to build a series of retaining walls to create more flat, usable space. Sometimes the pool rests at the lowest elevation, but creating a design with the pool between retaining walls is also possible. The terrace above the pool is a likely location for a sun-bathing platform.

Spa Hot Tub

As you customize your outdoor swimming center, consider adding a hot tub. The spa can be on another terrace or incorporated into your pool design. Placing the hot tub on the terrace nearest the house, though, makes accessing this feature more convenient in inclement weather. Pre-made fiberglass options are very popular, though a customized spa adds value to your pool center.

Covered Patio

While not strictly a pool feature, a patio with some covering can serve as a pool cabana. Build up one of the terraces to accommodate a covered pergola or even a gazebo. Place a table and chairs underneath for poolside dining. This mini-pavilion can serve as the food and beverage station during your pool parties.

Swim-Up Bar

A swim-up bar is ultra-deluxe, channeling as it does your favorite beach resort. However, according to the Landscaping Network, a swim-up bar is actually a space-saving feature. The entertainment area is located right next to the pool, which minimizes the need for circulation and seating space – ideal since real estate is limited on a terrace. The swim-up bar can be a simple drinks dispensary station, but it can also be outfitted with an outdoor kitchen.


Your sloping backyard already creates the change in elevation necessary for a waterfall, so why not add one to your pool design? Some designers like to have water spill from an elevated spa, so this is an option if you choose to locate the hot tub on a terrace directly above the pool. However, another option is creating a natural-look waterfall from the upper terrace. This choice is especially attractive if you're opting for a lagoon-like pool center.

Don't let a sloping backyard squash your dreams of having a home pool. Instead, customize the space with a series of terraces designed to turn your backyard into an outdoor pool center.


26 February 2015

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