First Home Have An Automatic Garage Door? Prevent Accidents With These Monthly Tests

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If you've never owned an automatic garage door before, you might not realize that it needs to be properly maintained. Without a properly functioning garage door, accidents can happen. To prevent accidents, you should inspect your automatic garage door at least once a month. Here's a quick guide to performing monthly tests on your garage door.

Force Setting

The force setting on your garage door determines how much force is necessary to reverse the garage door. Open the garage door all the way. Once the door is open you'll want to stand in front of the garage door with your hand extended. Press the button to close the door. As the door closes, place your hand under it and push up on the door. If the garage door reverses, the force is set properly. However, if it continues to close, you'll need to have the force setting adjusted.

Reversing Mechanism

The reversing mechanism is an important part of your automatic garage door. For this test, you'll need to place a 2x4 piece of wood on the ground in the path of the garage door. Close the garage door as usual and watch as it closes.

If the reversing mechanism is working properly, it should reverse as soon as it strikes the wood. However, if it continues to close, you'll need to disconnect your garage door opener and contact a repair technician like Girard's Garage Door Services as soon as possible. Without a properly working reversing mechanism, the door will continue closing, which could crush a small child or animal.

Electronic Beam Sensor

Your automatic garage door has an electronic beam that is designed to stop the door from opening or closing if it senses an object in its path. To test the beam, place an object in its path. Once you have placed the object, activate your garage door. If the garage door doesn't move, the beam is working properly. If the door opens or closes, however, you'll need to contact your repair technician.

Non-Contact Safety Device

This device senses when there is sudden movement around the garage door when it's closing. If it senses movement, it will immediately stop and reverse the door. Stand in front of the door with a broom or other object. As the door begins to close, wave the broom in the direction of the beam. If the door doesn't stop and reverse, stop using the garage door and call for repairs.

To keep you and your family protected against garage door accidents, be sure to carry out these tests on a monthly basis.


14 January 2015

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