How To Winterize Your Garage Door


Winter temperatures can disrupt the operation of your garage door, damage it and even cause an outrageous increase in your heating bill. Typically, homeowners experience more problems with their garage door as the weather dips, which is why tuneups are important if you are to stay ahead of the nasty weather and reduce problems with your garage door during winter. You can do this to by implementing a couple of simple maintenance and improvement procedures to ensure your garage door does not fail you when the snow starts flying.

Insulate your garage door

Insulating your garage door is one of the most essential tuneup tasks you must perform if you are to prepare it for the winter. If you have a wood frame-and-panel door, foam insulation would be most ideal as it offers enough rigidity to make the door airtight and to keep heat trapped inside. Foam insulation is also good for flat garage doors or those without panels, as it has great ability to resist heat flow.

If you have a steel garage door, you can improve its ability to retain heat by using batt insulation which is versatile and easy to use on such doors. This insulation is made of fiberglass and is usually backed with foil to make it easier to stuff around the frames and panels of garage door. PVC stop molding or rubber insulation can then be used to cover any gaps in the door seals and weather stripping to improve insulation.

Keep your garage door well lubricated

The importance of lubricating your garage door cannot be stressed enough. As the weather dips, movable parts of your door such as your rollers and hinges could develop problems mainly because the cold gradually dries up any existing lubrication. To prevent the door from getting stuck, ensure that you apply metal lubrication to the springs, tracks, door trips, and rollers before winter kicks into full gear. In addition, apply a silicon-based lubricant on the weather stripping so that the door glides with ease even during the coldest of days.

Perform a garage door check up

A check up right before winter by a professional can reveal potential flaws with your garage door, saving you a lot of inconveniences. The garage door repair expert should inspect your door cables, movable parts and door seals to ensure everything is working as it should. The electronic operation should also be inspected, including the settings on your garage door opener and the batteries to ensure they provide the extra power needed to open the door during winter.


18 December 2014

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